Trade shows displays and booths can be small and simple, large and involved, and everything in between. The form below will help us to determine your needs. Please fill out the form and we will get back to you with an estimate for a new brochure. See examples of our print work.

Or, if you would like to bounce around some ideas with us we’re happy to get on a call with you. 215-491-0332

Our Process

1) Research on industry and/or product plus a discussion with you to get to know you and your preferences better
2) 3 theme options presented as an emailed PDF file
3) Comments back from you
4) Revisions to 1-2 theme options and/or additional exploration
5) Design of all the required items
6) Final revisions (up to 3 rounds) and approval
7) Creation of final files and delivery to trade booth manufacturer and/or banner manufacturer

Trade Booth Items Required


Copy Writing


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Trade show production costs can vary widely as determined by the size, elements needed, structure, shipping, etc. If you choose to have us purchase the production for the trade show materials we will get production estimates once we establish the design and production details. We can also work with your trade show production company if you prefer.