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why is this in your inbox? We believe that at some point (if we’re not working on something together already) that you will need creative thinking in the design and development of some marketing materials. We love building long-term relationships and understand that this only happens with repeated success. AXIS visual has been supporting the business community for 15 years and has many valued long-term relationships. If you have any thoughts or questions about how we work or how we might approach an upcoming marketing challenge, give us a call (610-527-0332), drop us a note, send a carrier pigeon, whatever you prefer.

Here the shortlist of what we do:

  • Branding / Logo Development
  • Corporate Communication
  • Publication Design
  • Website Design
  • Print Design (All Kinds)
  • Package Design
  • Exhibit Design
  • Signage
  • Email Marketing
  • Product and Service Literature
  • Advertising
  • Consulting
  • You Name it
Recent Work

We recently completed the branding, web site design and materials for Chinoki, a mobile business that lets people connect directly with business that they are interested in. It isn’t Groupon. It isn’t a flood of deals and offers that are unwanted. It allows people to “cherry pick” their deals.

It started with the logo. Since the word “Chinoki” is unknown in this culture (it means “cherry picker” in Japanese) we kept with easily read type and worked up various icon images that implied “choice” or “selection” as well as a sometimes subtle, sometimes not subtle reference to the cherry.

After various rounds of adjustment and refinement we created their final logo.

From there we discussed the purpose, content and customer base for their web site. Since they had two different audiences (users of the mobile application and businesses that want to promote to them) the site needed to have two easily identified paths as well as looking like an easy and friendly company to work with.

With the site and many subpage layouts off to Chinoki’s site developer (since their product is a mobile application they chose to manage the web development process) we were able to focus on some of the smaller marketing pieces. We developed Facebook headers, Twitter backgrounds, mobile user interface, printed marketing material, store stickers, business cards, an icon for the App and more.

All this is the visual “face” that helps to educate and motivate customers. Other aspects of building a new company like this are the product development and financing. At AXIS we’d love to say the design can completely solve these issues as well… but we’d be lying. Chinoki has been working out some challenges in these areas that have resulted in postponing the full brand release. We wish them the best and look forward to seeing the Chinoki “face” out there in day to day life.

Art in AC

Not too long ago I got involved with the branding and design for a group in the Atlantic City area who’s purpose is to promote the arts in Atlantic City and South Jersey. We were bought in at the early stages and have become a partner in the organization. The logo and site design are probably the elements with the highest visibility at this point but we’re sure there will be more to come.

D-Town Network

Having moved to Doylestown a couple years ago there was a desire to explore the business community in that areas as well. As a result I joined a group of business people with a wide variety of disiplines. The name of the group is The Doylestown Advisory Network. It’s a one stop shop for a wide variety of business needs, of course not solely for the Doylestown area. And although the only design work I can claim here is the logo, I do acknowledge and appreciate everyone in the group as a trusted professional and highly recommend them for everything from legal work to IT, insurance, retirement planning, banking plus many other diciplines.

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