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Here is the shortlist of what we do:

  • Branding / Logo Development
  • Corporate Communication
  • Marketing Materials
  • Publication Design
  • Website Design
  • Print Design (All Kinds)
  • Package Design
  • Exhibit Design
  • Signage
  • Email Marketing
  • Product and Service Literature
  • Advertising
  • Consulting
  • If you don’t see it here just ask
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Notes on Marketing, Branding and Design

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What’s your story?

A man walks into a bar and sits next to another fairly nondescript man. No, this isn’t the start of a joke. A generic and safe conversation starts with sports statistics or comments about the weather. As they become more comfortable with each other they slowly reveal some of the more interesting aspects of themselves. Maybe it’s favorite things they like to do, places they’ve traveled, or even political viewpoints. This second level of communication starts to reveal their “story,” information that is more specific to them.

Storytelling is what connects us on a personal level. I’ve spent a fair amount of time in the fine art world and have seen a great difference when artists reveal their stories to potential buyers. On a business level, it can be easy to dismiss a company’s stories as irrelevant or unimportant but the delivery of these company “stories” can help to build a deeper connection to current or potential clients.

As a design firm, we are asked at times to deliver these stories to a target audience. Sometimes it’s the literal delivery in the text of a website or newsletter. Other times, a story or aspect of it can be delivered in the design of communications. If a company’s story delivers the impression that they are friendly, detail-oriented, responsive, efficient, economical, or any other quality, these can be delivered by conceptually and creatively building a visual brand or individual communications that deliver these stories. Of course, every company has its product and capabilities that need to be shown to a target market. But like seasoning in a recipe, weaving some degree of a company’s stories into its communications can make it special and help to build a more loyal and connected customer base.

Determining a company’s story also has tremendous internal value. It’s an exercise that far too few companies go through. It involves a fair amount of introspection, determining what you do and why you do it, what your clients feel about your company, and possibly some history. This information, when delivered properly to the target audience can begin to create a sense of trust and allegiance. But it can also be an asset internally. Where employees see the work that is involved in developing a clearer story they are more likely to drive a company forward with a cohesive approach. They may also feel pride in working for a thoughtful and organized organization.

So the question remains, “What’s your story?” If we can help you deliver it, let us know.

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Packaging information

This is a phrase that I’ve often used to simply describe what AXIS visual does. But it usually requires some additional explanation. When you receive a package does it make you want to open it? If it’s a gift, are there layers of paper and tissue that add to the anticipation and increase the perceived value? If it contains something complicated, does the package help you understand what’s inside? Does the package contain an inexpensive widget or a device of high value, and does the package itself begin to deliver this value as you open it?

With graphic marketing, the contents of the package is your information. This is the information about your company or product, and it’s information that you want a target audience to take in and respond to. Designing the experience as someone opens the package and learns about your company is what we do. Choices about everything from color to font, photography, style, layout, pacing, size, visual hierarchy, illustration, choice of tactic, and many other decisions all go into making an experience that delivers the correct and motivational message to a potential customer.

The “correct” message is determined by who you are trying to talk to, their general experiences and knowledge, your specific business area, your competition, your specific brand, the personality of your company, and either a splash or a huge heaping pile of education. “User experience” is a more recent phrase for how somebody interacts with a website or an application but it is also what designers have been building since the beginning of the graphic design industry. A positive user experience can be created with a magazine, a billboard, a website, direct mail, a PowerPoint presentation, or even on something as simple as a letter on a letterhead or a business card. Every time there is communication with a potential customer, or a current customer for that matter, the information and the design of it can work hand-in-hand to strengthen a message and to further distinguish your product or company from anyone else.

The human species is a very visually oriented being. Successful graphic marketing serves as the visual therapist that makes sure the relationship between your information and a potential customer is not only a healthy one but an enjoyable one.

Portrait William Milnazik

Other Side of the Camera

I tend to be much more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it. Thinking through my client’s needs and creating visual solutions has a fair amount of solitude to it. If done well, it requires exploring different ideas, evaluating the pros and cons, looking at the general impact as well as all the details involved, and making adjustments to strengthen the desired message. But occasionally, like anyone selling anything, I need to step in front of the camera. This is a recent video that I did to introduce myself and my company

AXIS art

For Fun

Below is a link to some of my fine art work and some of my fathers paintings that can be purchased in different formats and on different items.

For 25 years after his retirement my father painted. After his passing he left more than 300 paintings. I am proud of him as an illustrator and designer, as a painter, and as a father. Below is a link to many of his paintings.

 The environment for communicating always changes. Communication has to adjust as well.

When you are ready we’d be happy to help with your communication, design, and marketing needs.

Stay well. Stay safe.

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