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Bob Milnazik
Robert (Bob) Milnazik began studying art at an early age, His career began to take shape while studying illustration and graphic design at the Philadelphia College of Art. During the Korean conflict, Bob received orders to be sent overseas and was lucky to continue in the area of graphic communications throughout his enlistment, working for the Stars and Stripes newspaper through those years.

Upon returning home in 1953, Bob began what was to be his long career in graphic design and illustration (1953-1993). Bob started his own business/studio in Philadelphia and worked with the major “movers and shakers” in the advertising industry. Travel, hotels, industrial; these are just a few of the many business areas that Bob worked with. Bob used his talents to create promotional posters, annual reports, package design, and illustrative visual solutions for a wide variety of marketing and advertising needs. He was an “institution” in the Philadelphia advertising industry for four decades.

Around his retirement in industry in 1992-1993 Robert began to paint, but this time, solely for himself. He spent 20 years exploring urban scenes of Philadelphia, architectural compositions, historic aircraft, industrial scenes, motorcycles, national park scenes among many other subjects. Almost anything that he saw as an interesting composition became the inspiration for a painting. There is a quality about his work that borders realism and a poetic surrealism delivered by the eye on the light and composition. His style evolved from the carefully designed, flat color style of his illustration career to a more dimensional quality. Yet, it still held the compositional eye of someone who has studied visual communication for more than forty years. He brought a sense of design and composition to his work that enabled his paintings to be more than simply “snapshots.” His art was filled with detail and beautiful observations of light, giving his paintings a sense of mood and poetry.

As a true and driven artist he had much more interest in the creation of art than he did in the sales of it. There were shows entered and awards won but the focus was on the “one on one” relationship with his work. Working in the medium of gauche (a type of opaque water based paint) allowed him submit his work in the “Watercolor” category, and as a result, to be admitted to the American Watercolor Society.

Memberships and Awards Member of the NWS (National Watercolor Society) Member of the AWS (American Watercolor Society) Member – Allied Artists of America Member – Philadelphia Water Color Society) Member – Pennsylvania Watercolor Society Award of Merit, Founder’s Award (’93), Simuflight Award (’97) National Museum of Aviation Award of Excellence – National Park Academy of the Arts Award – Missouri National show Certificate of Award – Texas Water Color Society Award of Merit – (1995, ’97’ 98 and 2000) Mystic International Marine Art Competition Award of Merit – Horizon of Flight DaVinci Award (’99) Alabama Watercolor Society Daniel Smith Award (2000) – California Watercolor Society 2nd Prize (’99) – Pittsburgh Watercolor Society Garnet Award – Adirondacks National Watercolor Competition And numerous others

Upon his passing in 2012 we discovered roughly 280 paintings and are organizing them with the goal of getting them out in the public.

If you wish to purchase one (or more) of Bob’s painting please feel free to contact Janet Milnazik from the contact page of this site.

All his work is currently owned by his wife Janet Milnazik (also an artist).