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At AXIS visual, we publish a periodic newsletter (Notes From The Point). It contains short informational articles about the business of marketing, design, identity and miscellaneous other things that we have found interesting. We won’t flood your inbox. At the most we send out one a month but usually less than that.

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AXIS Introduction Video

William Milnazik was recently interviewed for this short video. Bill discusses his aproach to the design and branding industry.

AXIS Website Awarded

It put a smile on our face. We were recently notified that the AXIS website was admitted to the Web Excellence Awards Winners Gallery. Looking through the gallery it’s clear, we are in good company.

Website Rebuild

Although websites are almost always being revised and adjusted we recently took a good hard look at what was working and what wasn’t on our site. We added a lot of new work, made it function better on desktops, tablets and phones, added some splash pages on Logo development, Print materials, Websites and Company Branding. We also added a series of forms for estimating. There are some more ideas in the planning stages but for now we’re very happy with the results.

24 Years

288 months or 1,152 weeks or 5,760 days (not counting weekends). And even though it’s a cliché, in some ways it seems like only yesterday that AXIS visual was born. There is tremendous pride in those 24 years. Businesses helped, creative branding developed and delivered, creative ideas explored, great people met and more than two decades of experience and learning. What’s not to love. A heartfelt thank you to all of those that have trusted AXIS visual with your business communications and promotion over the past 2,764,800 minutes.

Proposals 2.0

One of AXIS’s valued clients has been asking us to design their proposals to their targeted customers. These proposals are 17 x 11 inches and give 80 plus pages of healthcare services data the look of an entertaining publication and are now (we are happy to say) a pleasure to read

A New Home

After 19 years at our previous location we moved into a new office. And after throwing out 18 1/2 years of accumulated “stuff” , after fixing up the new building and after unpacking the boxes… ok, most of them, we have settled in and are really enjoying it. The new office gives us a more creative space to meet, to collaborate and to show what we do. And it’s just fun. We see the building as a big sculpture that we will continue to work on as the spirit moves us.

New Portfolio

Yes, our new site offers a ton work examples, but we still love showing our printed portfolio. There is just something about viewing design samples as one would look through a beautiful cookbook or a book of antique cars. We have a PDF available here.


We recently put a simple little 30-second TV ad together with help from some of our partners, (ART-C and Hopetown Sound). It was seen during the Arts Program on SNJ Today/WACP.

 Radio Interview

ART-C interview on WOND 1400 AM. Bill Milnazik was recently interviewed with Eric Lepping of Sherpalab, a web development company. The topic was creativity and branding for businesses and the technology of web development.

 WMOF Logo

The World Meeting of Families was a wonderful event for Philadelphia and the world. It made a huge impact on our city as well as the attendees. It also gave Pope Francis his first exposure to the US community. We are proud to have created the logo for an event of this importance. An interview on FOX news was done with Bill Milnazik about the creation of the logo.